Logan Van Hook
Easley, SC

Backend Web Developer

I'm currently focusing on Web Development, primarily on Back-End development. While I'm a creator, I'm also experienced and aware of security pinholes and attack surfaces, using a security-first design, not only do I create apps that get the job done, they get it done with the long-term constantly at the forefront. I'm passionate and love thinking outside the box to tackle obscure problems.



Projects / Contributions


BoCheat is a C#-Based game modifier for an online game called Unturned that runs on Unity Engine. This project uses multiple outside dependencies for live MSIL Bytepatching methods, and included many hours of testing, reverse engineering, and debugging the original code of the game to manipulate it as needed.

Resources Used: C# .NET Framework, Harmony IL Patching, dnSpy, .NET Reflector, SteamWorks Libraries, ReflexIL

Story Squad

StorySquad is an in-browser game application targeted to keep the attention of kids away from time-wasteful games by keeping them engaged in an interactive and immersive experience that will allow them to creatively express themselves through reading and writing challenges.

As a Back-End Developer, I used the following resources: JavaScript (NodeJS), TypeScript, TypeORM, Express, JWT, pyEnv, PythonShell, Stripe Integrations, Prettier, Postgres, AWS, Heroku, CodeClimate


PlantWise is an app that allows you to neatly organize and manage the plants you have, so you never forget to water them. This app is cross-functional, integrating an iOS app with a browser-based control panel. You can register, create plants, add a location, nickname, and create "water" alerts that will alert your phone that it's time to give your plants some H20.

As a Front-End Developer, I used the following resources: React, Axios, Styled-Components, and Jest


This project was a small practice project to familiarize myself with unique libraries I would otherwise not be exposed to.

Resources Used: Axios, Bootstrap, Reactstrap, Styled-Components, Formik, Yup, React-Router, Universal Cookie


Top Tech
  • NodeJS
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • MySQL
  • Apache
  • OVH, AWS [CentOS & Ubuntu]
  • Git Version Control
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • C# [.NET Framework]
Used & Familiar
  • C++
  • SQLite
  • Nginx
  • Docker
  • Cloud IDE's (Theia, GitPod)
  • Code Climate
  • GitKraken/Trello Boards